Model: (Click to see more) 58051: The Fox
Status: Restored
Date: 6-Feb-2011
Comments: 4
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This is my first hobby grade RC car, I upgraded from a Jet Hopper to get this, and loved (still do) this car. It is a runner at present with a TBG body. I plan on getting a new TBG body and doing a box art job with some repro decals. It's got a TEU-101BK speedie, and a Superstock BZ motor. I'm surprised how quick this combo is, easliy as fast as a 13T Brushless in my mates Losi XXXT. Will upgrade this when I finish it properly.

**Edit 2020 update - rebuild completed and retired now, with an original vintage body off my other Fox Shelfer. As described above this car means a lot to me and will be with me for ever, it's original how I raced in back in the 80's

26 rebuilt and retired 23 Original Tamiya Body off my other 22 Wild Ones wheels and Copy CAT tyres 27 New painted Vintage Driver Figure 20 How I raced it back in the 80's 29 Head of the Family 32 The first rebuild I gave it 33 this body cracked first run




Looks awesome for it's age. You have really looked after it.



Yep , it a beauty, real soft spot for this car, cant wait to redo body in boxart



Awesome Fox...those front tires really give it a very aggressive look!



Beautiful work and awesome I said back in 2012 under my previous 'R/CVet' account, I love the aggressive look of those wheels/tires.

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