Model: (Click to see more) 99998: Kyosho
Status: Restored
Date: 9-Feb-2011
Comments: 11
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Here's another of my Projects, picked this one up, along with another donor chassis (Basket case) to hopefully build a nice looking runner, will look into Re-Pro body, driver, decals and tyres. Will update progress as it goes. As a Kyosho Fan, I feel I just had to have one of the brands most famous series cars.

**EDIT** Have commenced restoration, started by stripping both cars down and cleaned parts, will utilise the best parts from both cars to build a nice example, and will then look into what is required for a second runner, photo's updated. Oh yeah, I managed to find a set of Option House Gold front shocks to match the rears, so really happy about that.

Stay tuned.........

**2019 Edit - this is finally fully completed, with box art paint

1 Love this box art It begins 2 cars stripped will build one with best parts 1 1 2 The original car

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Looks nice. Did you get it for a good price?



I think so, less that $100AUD shipped, I was happy with that considering they dont come up here (in aus) very often. Is there a way to ID option house shocks?, this has reds on front, golds on rear



Yep Option House 'GOLDS' on the rear. These are awesome cars. Not the very best performer you'll ever own but certainly no slouch either. Certainly a whole lot of fun though!
Right up there as far as Kyosho nostalgia goes.



Thanks BORMAC, only thing it was missing (I think) is a chain, already got a new one, cant wait to start on this one, just not sure when I'll get to it



Good pick up for the price. Had a Turbo Optima Mid when I was young. Good car, was @ it's best w' fast motors in it. Loved Reedy red & green dots if memory serves me correctly.



Super Cool Cars and a lot more to them than to how they initially appear. Consider carefully before you set about resto because they can become contagious and also very costly Nice start!



Kyoshos best looking buggy!!



For a Great Optima Runner, Upgrade the front shocks to Gold too and Upgrade the Chain drive to Belt drive and they run great (i have 4 runners myself all with belts).
Cheers and nice find!

Fernado Alonso


Wow very nice to have the Optima
I sure like it the colour isn't bad either
Have fun restoring this one
Cheers Alex



Nice find, and good luck with the resto....



what a job!

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