Model: (Click to see more) 58489: Avante 2011
Status: New built
Date: 23-Feb-2011
Comments: 7
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Getting to the finish line on my Avante, but wanted to give all TC-members a sneak preview of the Avante 2011 I have nearly finished. I have used the PS-49 Sky Blue anodized spray, but that seemed to have been a very difficult spray to use. More university level, which I am not quite qualified for... Nevertheless I am reasonably happy with the outcome but the box art PS-16 would have saved me half a sleepless night.

Still have to paint Paranoid Perry and his cockpit, also have to do the right side decals. Since I consider the rear wing to be a failure, I have ordered a new one. Having that done properly will be the icing on my cake. Also the Adspec transmitter and the CPR-100 unit will make this a real beauty. Can't wait to bash the dunes!

After all it has been brilliant building my first new Tamiya ''from a box'', especially such a complicated one as the Avante 4WD. Enjoy guys...







Nice color, what happened to the front end of the body? Looks like cracks in the shell. A terrible sin!



Nice build! The sky blue is darker than i had expected. Did you back it with PS-5 Black?



Dante, I indeed used black to back it (according instructions). Maybe I could try white next time, this will obviously make it lots brighter. And MR2, I indeed have cracks in the front of the body. I have been to brutal with the scissors, but only discovered this AFTER spraying



looking very nice so far ,i can not wait to get my hands on a kit soon and build one myself !!

Fernado Alonso


Wow that thing is looking COOOOOOOOOOOLLL
I now the thing with the anodized spray
It sure is trouble to spray for the first time.
It seems to get dripping al over when spraying to thick.
I think it wil be a very smooth off roader
Cheers aLEX



Well hello neighbour.. Cool car, but the colour differs alot from the 'spuitbus-dop' still very cool though..

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