Model: (Click to see more) 58003: Tyrrel P34 Six Wheeler
Status: Extra info
Date: 12-Mar-2011
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This is the beginning of a long story that I will be posting in the next day or two. This is the first of 4 cars that fell in my lap over a unique find on ebay. I saw this model on ebay and I noticed quickly that it was in decent shape although the pics didn't show the insides. But just seeing what I saw I asked the seller what he would take to end the auction...$150 US..SOLD I said. Well...then the guy puts up a couple other cars that I will tell you about later, I bought these...very cheap..Then he texts me and tells me he has something else...for cheap, that he'll throw in the shipment of other cars. Anyway..that will be in another post. Here is the first..the Tyrrell. I've been wanting one of these forever but couldn't find a decent one or one that didn't cost me an arm and a leg. When the model arrived, it had come with the manual!!..was never mentioned in the! I take the body off and all the great pieces were all there. This one was really dirty but hardly ran and in excellent shape underneath all the dirt. I stripped it down completely and cleaned it up. Looks fantastic. The body will be painted when the weather warms up. What a great experience..and 3 more to come.

Just a little taste of what is coming up later ; )

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WOW! That cleaned up incredibly well! Looks brand new! Super cool! Love the way all the front wheels are linked together. Pretty tricky!



Back from the dead and looking really nice!



Looks really nice - Great find. Im betting thats a 1977 Porsche 934 RS Turbo that you have also bagged there (Very cool)

mr alan


Looks cool. What did you do the aluminium with? Cheers, Alan



Hey guys, thanks for the compliments...@Mr. Alan, I used steel wool, works great and under controlled motion you can keep the brushed look pretty easy. @Doc007..yes it is..and I'll detail that in another post!

Fernado Alonso


Wow nice addition to your away-some collection mate
Cant wait to see the rest of it
Cheers Alex



Congrats! That is one of the most characteristic formula cars from the mid/late 70's. A true legend!



Awesome find! I love the tyrrell six wheeler. I still need to locate a roll bar for mine, then its complete.

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