Model: (Click to see more) 58240: BMW M Roadster
Status: New built
Date: 31-Mar-2011
Comments: 4
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my m04-l with 911 body as a huge mistake when panting destroyed the bmw. I got the 911 in a trade of m02 bits so it is now pressed into service. Until i finish a new 911 body from rc classics

M04-L 911




Tha's a cool 911, what happens with the BMW body ?



Who been a busy boy putting some very nice models together

Must be getting ready for some car park bashing

Fernado Alonso


Very nice

Old Duffer


hi when i sprayed the bm the paint reacted with the body causing it to craze & crack as it fogged and went brittle a solvent issue i think now i will not paint in cold weather as i spray out doors [outside]

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