Model: (Click to see more) 58410: Volkswagen Golf GTI Cup Car
Status: New built
Date: 7-Apr-2011
Comments: 3
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My first 'new' kit since restoring the old ones - wanted to see how much Tamiyas had changed in 15 years - loved the easy build - added a few coats of Fastraxx Special Silver before backing with std silver to give a more sparkly effect. LEDs as std in the kit. Nice to drive - using it as a good base for various shells now.

Sparkly Golf Shell Finished Golf shell Finished Golf GTI TT01E Golf Insides

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My Volvo is now a blingy PT Cruiser!




Looks great and these are very nice driving cars too, one of the best chassis values out there.



Looking good, just the inspiration I need to get mine sprayed and stickered up. I'm using a FF01 chassis though; I drilled it as per the marked mounting holes, but had to modify the mounting posts to move them a couple of mm forward to get the wheels to line up. Also I'm using the standard Tamiya silver so it probably won't look as good as yours. At least I have the lights and correct wheels. Those front lights realy give it the finishing touch, a million times more realistic than the sticker for lights on my other TC shells.



Nice one. Just a real pain to sticker these especially the sides. Awesome job on the paint.

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