Model: (Click to see more) 57703: RTR SVT Mustang Cobra R
Status: Runner
Date: 13-Jun-2003
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My 1st "real" RC Car, and I started racing it soon after I bought it. So far it has a TC3 wing, Kyosho rims w/ HPI 35R slicks, Long Arm Suspension kit, Oil Shocks, Lightweight Chassis, Carbon Prop Shaft, LRP Runner ESC, P2K2 Pro motor, and of course ball bearings. It runs off of 3300 packs while racing, and some cheap 2400's when I want to screw around. It's extremely competative, I usually place 1st-3rd, and I'm currently 3rd in points in my class of stock motor cars, consisting of TC3's, XXX Losi's, and an HPI RS4, I run the only Tamiya touring car there!

At the track after a big win a Chassis shot w/out body Front end shot Shot of the shocks/suspension Here's a view of my ugly temporary wing I have a new body I'm getting ready, it needs one

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