Model: (Click to see more) 58016: Sand Scorcher
Status: Restored
Date: 27-Apr-2011
Comments: 19
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Even though sometimes it seems the club's name should be changed to 'Scorcher Club', I'm finally posting my original Scorcher which I purchased back in 2007, long before anyone imagined the re-release. I slowly restored the chassis, trading back and forth on ebay (for outrageous prices at the time) in search for decent condition parts. I finished the chassis that same year, but the body took ages to complete.
I decided to try and keep it as original as possible, even when the re-re came out with tempting spare parts. Even the radio gear is all original vintage Futaba, as can be seen in the first picture. As I had to pry some of the original screws that had rusted, ruining them in the process, I opted for a new stainless screw set. Other than that and the decals, the car is totally original. For example, although I could easily use a Blitzer wiper, I stuck with a broken original instead. The same with the yellowed window and headlights - IMO they insinuate it's vintage. As most of real tail pipes were chromed (as the box art depicts), I deviated from the instructions on that part, using Alclad for a superb result.
But the effort was well worth it, as to my knowledge this is the only original Sand Scorcher in the country!

ebay picture As it arrived After a month in brake fluid In primer White and masked French blue The final result Chassis

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