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Status: Project
Date: 30-Apr-2011
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Nitro scorcher has sadley met its end when a battery took a bid for freedom on a flat out run on the tarmac when all you can do is watch when your pride & joy head towrds the nearest imovable object, never something soft to slow it down so you can pluck it from impending doom nooooooo always an imovable object.
You can picture the scene as i held the broken & twisted chassis & body in my arms as it leaked away the life giving blood which is nitro fuel.
So two months later & the release of a re release i thought plenty of parts available i will make a mk2 the car i should have made all along, better stronger & more in keeping with the look of the original battery version.
The list so far.
my machined alloy wheels
Radshape alloy chassis
kamtec carbon look radio box cut in half
machined alloy fuel tank which fits were the motor would go.
homemade alloy stinger type tail pipe
channel rc front & rear bumper/ cages.
machined alloy spot lights which will have led lights linked to the lipo cut off alarm which will then flash when the battery gets low.
re release boddy shell which i am making a few changes to will be painted in a box art scheme of coral blue & pearl white.
alloy pulleys & belt drive to the original gearbox which has ball diff & all brass gears.
Still lots of work to do on all the alloy do dads it will probably be to heavy to move when im finished with it.
There have been a lot of first for me on this project like first time machining all my own alloy parts & first time using plasticard it not as easy as some of you guys make it look.
Keep you posted & thanks for looking.
Cheers Rich

my own alloy wheels making changes to body ( thats never easy ) picture of internals




What an awesome project. The wheels look great But did you realise that you have your left rear tire on the wrong way?

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