Model: (Click to see more) 58074: The Grasshopper II
Status: Restored
Date: 5-May-2011
Comments: 2
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Finally got round to painting my first proper (to almost original spec) restoration. It came from ebay in very used and muddy condition complete with period acoms radio gear.

I have replaced all the plastic parts, added new wheels and rear tyres and replaced the rough looking 380 motor with a shiny new 540 one (a sanctioned Hop-up from original spec)

The body was in reasonable shape and was thankfully unpainted. I was cleaned up, painted, decals added and the missing driver replaced.

It will now sit next to my re-re Hornet on the shelf

32 32 19 28 31 Before - as bought from eBay




Nice job mate looks fantastic! You nailed that! I have the 2017 version that l need to finish off its built but l have not looked at the body yet! I better get on with it soon though lol!! l have just put in a pre order on the Grasshopper 2 Black special!! I am a big Grasshopper Hopper fan 1 & 2 both real iconic buggies! Love goes out to the Hornet also! Simple but beautiful!



My very first Tamiya ever back in the 80s. Great to see it restored.

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