Model: (Click to see more) 58489: Avante 2011
Status: NIB
Date: 6-May-2011
Comments: 6
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Here are my two Avante 2011. Really happy i now have this model to add to my small collection. One will be stored as NIB and one will be built. Which i am really looking to doing

Personally brought these back from Hong Kong. Its disgusting how much they cost officially in the U.K

These cost me £205 EACH. Plus i had 4 cans of PS16 and Tamiya masking tape thrown in................

Blisters are perfect. Boxes have very very minor creases on the corners.


mr alan


Great buy! WOW!



I've been to Hong Kong a few times.U cant compare,prices a much cheaper there.

SRB Bloke


You didn't tell us you were going... We'd have all paid £250, you'd make a small fortune. Lets us know when you go again.



Awesome these are, but i agree with you on the pricing in the uk ,look in my showroom on mine and have a read on what i mentioned when these first came out.



wow...a NIB 'Hoarder' exciting....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz but that's to be expected around here...



yh the prices in HK are crazy and if you dig around some shops still have some rare rare stuff lying around. I wont be going back for a while now BUT i can still get them if people were interested.

SRB Bloke - I did want to bring back 3 but i just did not have the space. NOt that they are heavy but they pretty much take up all the space in the suitcase......

J-man yh ive just looked in the showroom and nicely built. I can always save my second one for me and my son to build together when he's old enough. Quite a good idea really. Im itching to build mine but i am consdering spraying mine Gunmetal to put next to my Evo. I think the grey and yellow will combine nicely

Butcher-Bird. Not a Hoarder at all. Look at my showroom if you can call it that. I dont have the luxury of collecting £££'s of pounds of models BUT when you conside they cost me £410 and IIRC the UK price if in excess of £400 id be mad not to get two.

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