Model: (Click to see more) 99959: Axial
Status: Runner
Date: 6-May-2011
Comments: 12
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Hi all my latest project for you to see.

Honcho Kit, Joustra body. My first attempt at shortening a kit, making my own links, and cutting up a shell. It was a great build to do, got the old brain working.

I wanted a very capable scaleish rig to take to places my cc-01 just couldn't. I was going to go for a zombie 'left4dead' truck to look like it was done by the driver to deal with the invasion. On it's test run last Friday the blue I had chosen just didn't look right to me in the wild, so I was thinking of a more suitable colour. It out performed my expectations :)

I read Friday night about the re-re FAV so I new what I had to do. So the 'Slow Attack Vehicle' was born.

I still need a winch, I attempted to make one and may try later on. A few more scale bits needed as well. I did have his boots in the back LOL.

Back story, QT having survived the first wave created this beast in order to head for the hills and woods, more food less zombies. He raided any working parts, hence the look of the truck and hand painted the camo for woodland, he also put a water tank in the rear just in case.

I would like your input on the windows, should I leave as is, put in glass or a cage like the grill?

Hope you like it, all comments welcome, cheers

no shade under this tree is the bush closing in on me? thats a bit easier back in the thick of it I drove out of this, wish I had a movie the big rubber really is paying off


SRB Bloke


Look at this great looking crawler. Nice work and superb pics... your right we needed a video.. next time



awesome, looks like a great place to run too.



Great looking rug and very nice terrain. Love the pics too.



What a killer rig! Love the atmosphere, and I'm sorry, but you've made it too hard to chose a favourite pic!



Thanks for the great comments guys, really glad you like it, it's my first non Tamiya, but I love it all the same.



Cool rig, and yes, these SCX10s are capable. I like your rugged home built look - maybe just cut off the extra frame in back? Some glass would be good IMO. Nice pics too.


6-May-2011 truck pics driver ...congrats! p.s. I'd add glass in the front and rear but would leave the door windows open!



I was just saying about detail and scale with the pajero!! Well this is Top draw mate! you have done a great job on this and not sure about the windows it looks good as it is but maybe some nets on the side windows???????

Dam 10


Great creation, very unique looking slow attack vehicle....



Thanks for the great comments and suggestions, I forgot about trimming the rear I was so happy I got the wheel to stay on. I may adjust the front also. I will have a play with the windows see what I can do maybe make removable ones so I can put in nets sometimes depending on terrain. Cheers



Very cool and unique looking truck, never saw it earlier here. Looks like you must have a good camera to take those shots, awesome.



someone left a left a comment about how i should have a broken window, where the zombie's tried to get in, your comment seems to have gone but i have made it so, many thanks who ever you were

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