Model: (Click to see more) 84105: Tamtech-Gear Buggy Champ (Blue)
Status: Runner
Date: 14-May-2011
Comments: 5
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With these on special at RCmart I had to have one. Standard they are pretty slow. I have fitted a Hobbywing 35a Ezerun ESC and 7800kv motor. Woo hoo now it flies. Got rid of the standard radio and fitted a 2.4g system. Also fitted CVA shocks which work pretty good and blue wheel collars. Have some more bling bits on order. I bought a 1300mah Lipo for it and was also able to get one of my 2200mah Lipo's to fit. With the 2200 the run times are so long in have to change radio batteries halfway through the run. I haven't timed it yet but run times would be close to an hour. This thing is so much fun to run I think I need to get more TT buggies. Maybe a frog and if I can find one a Hotshot.




Very nice! You did the proper mods. I have a bunch of TT buggies, and I've dropped Reedy 8000kv brushless in them. 1 battery pack will shred the nubbie spikes of brand new rear tires! I think the buggy champ tires will wear better and grip better! They are a lot of fun when modded properly.



an hour might be a bit much dont you think.....?



TTG`s are great,you can get 'SC' Soft compound tyres for these too,they give more grip than the stock boots but obviously wear a little faster.Have you looked at the on road TTG`s ? they have the same super cool chassis and the bodys are something else.Stella have some good deals on Kits at the moment.



Update on run time. I ran it today with the brushless and a 2200mah lipo from peak to cutoff at 3.2v per cell. 48 minutes. Not quite an hour but bloody good all the same.



This looks like fun. I just picked up a used TTG Hornet and looking forward to running it. I didn't realize there were so many hop ups parts for these so that's cool.

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