Model: (Click to see more) 99962: Nikko
Status: NIB
Date: 31-May-2011
Comments: 5
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Nikko turbo panther 1986 and Taiyo jet hopper Nib well never run and box still has the original rechargeable batteries inside, The nikko is currently on the bay, need money for the scorchers, but it got me through when I only had carboot nikko's taiyos and radio shack machines, great scale runner for what it is and they both look pretty cool, ace real sponsor decals and fogs, Just thought I'd show em off. Plus a quick update on my re-re scorcher shell hand cut door outline, I removed all the trim and guttering for a clean look, maybe shouldn't have as a first attempt but wanted to be a little different, the shell has now become a sort of ideas tester will update soon, Cheers all

1 1 sorry about the rubbish photo




I love the Turbo panther a lot, i had one of these when i was young. I have 2 versions of the Taiyo jet hopper in NIB version. Still searching for the 2 NIB version of the turbo panther

karooha MB


They'd last about 2 minutes on The Hill!
The shell is coming along nicely I see. If you listen really carefully, you will hear, off in the distance, the call of the beach...

Basket Case


Good job so far. Why not loose the door handles too? Then it would be reaaly smooooth.



Yeah the panther is great its a very reluctant sale this buggy got me through when I was dreaming of scorchers, BC yeah was thinking of loosing the handles and probably will everything else has gone, sills, guttering, fuel cap, started of as a £30 shell Its worth about 30p now, More filling doh It will never be a shelf queen more of a running jester HA (note to self your jokes are not funny) also I'm not a shelf man (yet) have enough static toys for them. (beeeach beeeaach beeeeeeaaaachhh)



Very nice mate. Yeah, ya gotta runem, well I do anyway. They look good on the shelf, but waaay better in the dirt!! Cheers.

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