Model: (Click to see more) 58431: F104 PRO Chassis Kit
Status: New built
Date: 1-Jun-2011
Comments: 3
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Not as good as the F103 , i had more fun with that . The f104 pro it a pain to get batteries in & out . I still need to set it up .

?? pro not into it much Hard to get battries out & in . Looks good Ping !! would have liked to put the pods on , no room New blue bits ....




Interesting mention. I don't have an F1 car, so I can't compare them. But why was the F103 more fun? Is it mainly the ease of working on the chassis, or is the handling as well? I hope you still have loads of fun with this though, They seem like solid cars to me



Handling is better on the F103 . I have been playing with f104 to get some handling , As it likes to spin alot . My M8 has one as well & he is working on the handling as well . If we were on carpet it would be good i think , we will try it on carpet at some stage .
Thanks .



Perhaps you should loosen your diff tension, that could help a lot. The F104 needs some attention on how to setup but it sure does have some great potential. The benefit of the F103 is that it's wider but i do prefer the 104. Maybe the F104W is the best of both cars

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