Model: (Click to see more) 56004: German Tiger IV - Production Turret (1/16)
Status: Runner
Date: 1-Jul-2011
Comments: 12
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Whilst out running my tanks with a friend we came across this swampy puddle and I couldn't resist !. This is not how you should treat a 30 year old vintage model ;) Still, it's more fun than just running them round on the paitio or lounge carpet, which seems to be the preferred terrain of the scale tank. I've got some 'on tank' video camera footage of this, which will hopefully be going onto U-tube shortly and I will provide links to them on my thread in the BRASA forum. Not even twin 540s could pull it out of this mess lol

This could be a problem......... Would somebody like to get out and push ??? I drove it off in this state 1


Fernado Alonso


very nice pictures just like the real thing
Looking forward to the video



MadInventor it may not seam the best idea after 30years but this is what they where designed for 30years ago so why not. It looks more real than chasing the cat around the living room. Last pic looks great.



'This is not how you should treat a 30 year old vintage model'. YES. IT. IS! Good stuff Martin, looks like you had fun!



I love the tank and really, really love the camera! Weres the video footage?



Great pictures! I must try and sink my tanks in the mud as well!



'This is not how you should treat a 30 year old vintage model'

Yes it is! Looks fantastic! Great to see it getting used properly.

Dam 10


Nice pic's, must of been a pain to clean the tiger after your muddy excurtion.



Thanks for taking the time to comment everyone. @Steelrat, Yes, great fun, I went back and forth across it about 4 or 5 times, perfect scale mud !!
@Dam10, It wasn't too bad to clean. After I extracted it I ripped it up and down on a bit of hard ground and 90% of the sludge flew off. Afterwards I simply took off the racks and cleaned them with the hosepipe, and the same for the roadwheels. I've got waterproof ESCs fitted in it, so only really got to be careful with the Receiver and V tail splitter for the ESCs. Re, the videos, my co-driver is going to upload them onto Utube over the weekend. There will be quite a few as I've got video footage from a previous run to go through as well. There's a taster video already in my movies section, it was the only one under the 30mb limit, all the others will be 720p so no chance of getting them on TC hosting



Looks like great fun, I just run mine in snow



Looks like great fun in the mud, careful with your camera lol!



Movie compilation can be found at

[Click here]



Very nice Tigers and like the real ones, always dirty!

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