Model: 99999: Misc.
Status: New built
Date: 15-Jul-2011
Comments: 8
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This is a K's F1 racing chassis based on the Tamiya F103 chassis. This kit uses F103 wheels and body kits with a high nose. I had searched high and low to try and obtain these kits for years and finally saw not one but two listings on Ebay. One listing was a newly built kit complete listed as a Kyosho OVA car. I won this listing for $202.00 The second listing was for a NIB kit which the seller ended because the kit turned out not to be comeplete. Anyway the seller relisted the box and parts including chassis plates, shocks, ball diff, etc for $100..00, so basically for $350 including shipping, I got a complete newly built kit and a box of spares. I was very happy!. The kit is all aluminum and carbon fiber. It features belt driven ball diff, push rod inboard suspension, arms by RPM, tie rod ends from Kyosho and rear universals. The chassis in the picture has a tamiya front wing, 3 racing rear wing and RJ ride grooved F/R wheels and tires.


Max Power


Wow. That looks like a serious bit of kit.

Fernado Alonso


This is a very nice looking F1 chassis never saw this one before.
Looks like a serious racer to me !!
The shock set-up is looking marvellous



That's a very nice chassis, the suspension system is absolutely fabulous ! more similar the real 1:1 F1 than the F103



Never heard of this but it looks awesome. It got the best of all worlds, parts wise. Happy driving!



Looks like a high-quality kit.Never seen one before.



Wow, I want one of those!!!!!



Very interesting bit of kit, I never knew these existed! At first it looked like a belt drive conversion for the F201 - which would have been a huge step for it's performance in theory - but looking at it in detail I think this looks far better - and pretty scale too!



i would love to fine the Chassis and then use parts from SAKURA FGX to get what I need.

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