Model: (Click to see more) 99999: Misc.
Status: Runner
Date: 31-Jul-2011
Comments: 4
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1/24 scale and in very good condition. Came in the box with the instructions as well.

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This was my first ever toy RC! Fantastic!



Wow, what a find! I have buy the same one some weeks ago on a local auction site. Wich color have the remote controll? Mine has a brown color remote controll. Also the front lights have an other color, are orange. The box looks a little bit different, the remote controll have a retaining bracket. But yours is superb, looks new to me!



I have note that mine have a metal front bumper, the decal of the hood are 4 separate decals with the same images, the Martini colours on the front goes till upside of the light (mine is orange) and on the rear goes also a little bit above the rear fender. The remote controll is different. The boxcover is also different. The rest is the same. Do you know something about this variations?



Sorry I don't know much about variations, but I think it has to do with different markets and or years made. The remote on mine is black.

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