Model: (Click to see more) 49190: Dyna Storm Rerelease
Status: New built
Date: 4-Aug-2011
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The countdown/preview was not appreciated apparently, so I just decided to post it as is. Here it is: My Dyna Storm Re-Release with genuine Tamiya Carbon hopups, awesome Nimrod Racing wheels and now to finish it off, Hi-Cap Dampers, and a custom paintscheme!

Late February I decided it was time to get my Dyna Storm shelfer a painted bodyshell to compliment the looks and specification of the car. I wanted either a box art car with one translucent sidepod, or a custom paintscheme with 'Energizer Industrial' as a main sponsor. I chose for the last one, as for two years I already had the idea to paint a Dyna Storm in these colours with this sponsor.

The project took a lot of time. I needed to find, a NIP body, Hi-cap dampers to match the colours for the body, work on the design, get custom decals and get it professionally painted. Kokuzu painted the shell, and the custom decals came from WillyChang.

The Design is based on the box-art Dyna Storm (as it's a VERY good base to start with - it really compliments the shape of the shell), but it's been changed to match the looks of the line of Energizer 'Industrial' batteries. It has Silver (PS-12) Sidepods, a Black (PS-5) Cockpit and Smoked (PS-31) Windows. Like on the battery, a yellow line divides the two colours. The wing was made to replicate the battery even more accurately so the looks match the battery even better. Besides the main sponsor, I had to chose some extra sponsors. One of the sponsors I had in mind, Dunlop, is not shown on the car (yet). I wanted it as tire lettering, but the vinyl decals won't adhere properly over the curvature of the side of the tire. I will try to get some waterslide decals for this to solve the problem, or paint the existing tire lettering yellow to get a similar look.

After 5 months and a lot of work, this is the result. I absolutely LOVE it! I really want to thank Kokuzu for the awesome paintjob and WillyChang for the amazing decals!

Here it is! Isn't she a beauty? Without the Information in the picture... Showing off the articulation of the suspension! From skatepark to hardcore offroad surface... ...It looks right at home! A nice side-view... ...The wing that attracts a lot of attention! I love the tall front shocks and shock towers! No Barf'n Barry in this car... I'm the driver! :) 6.6-7.4v, 540-motored fury!

If you liked those pictures, you should see these...
A Storm sitting in the Sun...




That's a very unique Dyna Storm mate, plus a great write up, and cool pics!



This is something really unique and very beautifull! I love it when people create a 'one-of-a-kind' Great pictures as well, and totally out of the box too. This post is a piece of art!



Beautiful custom buggy! yeah..I was right about which model it was in the fog



I swear I will never stop salivating over those wheels! Love the theme too! battery power for life!



Gotta lova a Dyna Storm good work!



Thanks for the comments I think I'll post some of the design work in a seperate entry soon - including the 'fog preview' in it's full length. It might give you an idea how it would look with the Dunlop tire lettering



Superb! I'm in love with the DS look and this one really 'shine'!!! Good job mate! Bye WWD

Max Power


Absolutely stunning



Hi Paul,

I really enjoyed working with you on this one and I am a bid jealous about your Diamond!
Unfortunately the final result does not really give credit to the effort we put into it. It does not reflect the numerous emails we exchanged discussing details such as overall paint scheme, color temperature of the yellow, the thickness and shading of the yellow, the trials we made with different silver tones using multiple transparent backings, the selection of colors to match the damper color, the different types of black or even the level of shading of the cockpit windows....
I think a thread with some pre-production pics will greatly explain how a lot of effort can end up with a perfect result - where each and any aspect just melts into each other.
I think this 'Energy-Storm' is pretty close to this perfect state.
If I may suggest some studio shots with dark background, this may as well show the beauty and balance of the composition...



@Kokuzu: You're right about that. I had the plan to put that information in a showroom entry - after all, pictures can be stacked vertically. However, a forum entry could host an even better, more extensive picture of the work behind the final result It's definetely something I want to do again, it's well worth it - I have a TRF201 and a Durango DEX410 that still need a paintjob - and in the future I will also own a DEX210 in need of a decent piece of graphics. Money is the only thing holding me back at the moment.



Nice pics. Very creative.



How did I miss this? Fantastic Paul, simply fantastic! Love the livery!


Great model!!! WOW!
May i ask you where you got the carbon fibre wheels?



The carbon fibre wheels were made by Nimrod Racing, a small company that had access to facilities for rapid prototyping. They 3D printed wheels, from which they took a silicone casting and used that to cast resin wheels with carbon fibre in them. The 'standard' rear rims they had were for modern , 40mm wide 2.2' tires; these were tailor made to order and are likely the only set ever made. I sold the rims on a few months ago to another collector to enjoy, the Dyna Storm is now sporting black star dish rims.

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