Model: (Click to see more) 99950: Tamiya Static Kit.
Status: Restored
Date: 13-Aug-2011
Comments: 6
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I bough this model about 12 years ago. It was already build. After reading one of my catalogues I saw the car without the upper body part and decided to do the same. I love the detailing!

Gilles Villeneuves car Ever heared the sound of the flat V12? Oops, have to attach the cable Look at the detailing




very nice, that looks like the Tamiya 314T4 model. I have one of these kits from when I was a kid, but I never completed it. I still intend to finish it, although I've since lost the stickers. The detailing in these kits are amazing.



Indeed, it is the 312 T4. It will be hard to find a new set of decals for your kit, I think. Good luck!



I built one of these in 96, superb kit

Max Power


Nice model. I have recently finished reading 'Master Modeler Creating the Tamiya Style'. Shunsaku Tamiya explains the reasons for making such detail on parts that are often hidden by builds end.



How can anyone say static models are boring. Look at the details. I guess if one can't own the real 1:1, this is the next best thing. Lovely and thanks for showing it to us.

Fernado Alonso


Very nicely buildWouter
I sure like the detailing on these kits

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