Model: (Click to see more) 56706: TamTech-Gear Porsche Turbo RSR
Status: Runner
Date: 15-Aug-2011
Comments: 6
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This is an extremely fun car to drive. You will grin from ear to ear over its grip, cornering capacity and realism (rear heavy and unpredictable just like the real thing).

Still, there are moments you could use some more power. Therefore the stock 370-thingy now is replaced with a Duratrax High RPM 380. (After second upgrade: VR3 Ultra High RPM!) It wouldn't fit without a struggle, some modifications had to be made. The rear cage was in the way, a bit of plastic was cut off. I modified a 18 tooth pinion and stole a 8,4V battery pack from an airplane and strapped it to the radio plate.

Now it's fast as, well...


NEW Duratrax VR3 motor - Ultra High RPM.

3racing alu shocks

3racing alu suspension arms

3racing alu ball steering

Updated pics!

Total weight incl. driver: 875 grams




Yup! The GT01's sure can use more power. I went the way of a Graupner Speed 300, and then ditched that for an 8000kv brushless.... Now we're talking good power. Not crazy, but enough to really get the thing moving. Especially with the heavier 935 body I have on mine. Nice adjustment you have made, enjoy it!



You butcher LOL . You must remember the faster you go the more it cost you . LOL .
Looks like a good mod . The need for speed .



That is a sweet looking porsche ! Love the extra powermods.



Hehe, thanks!



This looks fun!!!!



It is!
I drove it on nearby road last night and had the most fun since My Name is Earl was aired. To be honest, this modification doesn't make the car superfast. Motor is still 380 size, after all. But the car is so small and somewhat nervous and unpredictable, that even the visual estimated top speed of perhaps 40 km/h feels hysterical fast. I simply love this car.

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