Model: (Click to see more) 58242: Wild Willy 2
Status: New built
Date: 28-Aug-2011
Comments: 4
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Bought from Moosey some time ago. This car used to be owned by a Lara Croft type Wendy. Of course Mark kept Wendy/Lara. Nevertheless I am very happy with this car. It has so much detail. Went to Matt (Toymkr73) for a Willy head. The car came with a special bumper similar to the one it has now. When polishing this bumper it did not turn out as I expected. My father made me a new bumper. (The one you see on the picture now). Mark, thanks for selling me this car, Matt, Thanks for the Willy head, Dad, Thanks for the bumper.


SRB Bloke


Great looking Willy, a real one off...



Looking good mate! Thanks for the mention.

mad maz


looking fantasic



looks good with the geolanders on there. i assume it handles better with them on.IE less bounce and roll??

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