Model: (Click to see more) 99962: Nikko
Status: Runner
Date: 10-Sep-2011
Comments: 5
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Received today my Nikko 306 GP, bought on ebay for 60 euros shipping included. Seems to have very little run, the car is in good condition and only need a air filter and a new fuel tank, easily replaceable. This car have a little electric motor for reverse gear and for starting the GP15 motor. it comes without the transmitter but i have the Nikko Clio V6 version NIB too so i can use his transmitter because there is a button on it for starting the motor. as you can see in the pics the decals need a fix mostly the rear lights LOL




this is unusual, ive not seen one b4! i would imagine it would be quite fast mate.
Is it a runner? i like it, its neat!
cheers MAD-BEE

Fernado Alonso


Wow I like the wide Peugot 306 body.
I found two clio's with the same chassis.
I didn't bought them do
are these with the build in starter and glower?



Thanks guys, yes these have the starter & glower build in. This 306 will be my runner & i keep the Clio V6 NIB

Max Power


Wow, I didn't know Nikko made vehicles like this.



Missed this one b4. Nice car and really cool feature you can start it with a button in the transmiter. Any tips on how to remove and re-use decals?

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