Model: (Click to see more) 58024: Sand Rover
Status: Extra info
Date: 23-Sep-2011
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This is very much inspired by Toykid's excellent how-to - a big 'thank you' to him for posting such a useful guide, and to J-man for the original article.

Mine is kind of a combination of their approaches. I've used a standard SRB chassis as the backbone as J-man did, but kept the front end and front body clip like Toykid. I also removed the necessary ribs from the underside of the SR tub so it would sit as flat as possible on the SRB chassis. I had a damaged chassis from a Holiday Buggy to start with - the worst bit is making the first cut! But once you start measuring, cutting and figuring it out it's a relatively straight forward conversion.

At least now my Rover has a reliable gearbox, available spares and working rear suspension (and I've got spare gears for my HB!). I've added a RC Channel rear cage for strength as well as bling - it really does add some rigidity, especially with the cut-down roll bar. The rear shocks are chinese cheapies, they were blue but I stripped them with oven cleaner. Front shocks are SRB rears; an extra hole was drilled in the shock towers to accomodate.

Anyway, enough waffle, time for some pics!

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SRB Bloke


Very nice Rob, great combo... some good mods. Who does she handle.. someones going to do a brushless version eventually. ps- clean those rear tyres..



That body looks fantastic on the SRB chassis. Very well done mate.

rizzo rat


Lovin the side's. Makes it look that bit more real, nice job.



Lovely job mate

That front suspension and sides sure does look the part.



Great idea and it works!!!
Nice work bud,
Great looking Buggies!



Thanks guys

The sides are just 20 thou plasticard, they cover the gaps under the front wheel arches nicely. The chassis has a few extra holes in the sides so I covered those too.

It's a gentle runner rather than a basher but it handles quite nicely, certainly not as bouncy as the original!

And yes Steve, I will clean the tyres!

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