Model: (Click to see more) 58059: Porsche 959 4WD
Status: NIB
Date: 20-Jun-2003
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My all time favorite car Tamiya kit. I purchased my first when I was 14. Had to trade a couple of cars and some cash, I was broke but it was worth it. I still have my original car somewhere at my parents house (I made them swear never to throw it out). I had so much fun with this car as our house backed onto a creek with lots of dirt paths. I used to charge up all five of my battery packs (sorry about the car battery dad) and have my own Paris Dakar through the creek. The car was surprisingly tough. Apart from the brittle body, never had any problems other than a broken suspension mount and losing the pin from the drive shaft.

So the addiction? At one point I had 2 NIB plus 2 New Built running chassis, plus my old clunker. Sold one of the NIB’s, but still have all the other cars. This particular NIB kit was the better of the two. The box is pristine, all blisters are in tact and the tires have no rot. I keep this baby packed away in bubble wrap in a cool dry location. Have quite a few new spares.

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