Model: (Click to see more) 58280: TXT-1
Status: Project
Date: 4-Oct-2011
Comments: 11
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Started as a stock TXT but I flipped the transmission, fully ballraced it, added a wide range of hop-ups and custom made a few parts such as the motor gaurd, servo mounts and transmission mounts. I made the cosmetic shocks and headers from scratch and velcrow to the chassis so I can takethem off when running. Parts have come from all over the world, decals from Parma and Faceworx, body from HPI, electrics from EZRUN, FlySky and Tower. The truck has been lowered by one inch and stiffened for race purposes, the front in slightly lower to resemble the real trucks. A 4 month project with references from real trucks. This was my first stab at this so hope you guys like. With more regards to the electrics, radio is 2.4gHZ, 5.5T brushless, 3 11V fans to keep it cool, 22.2V lIpo battery, reverse Y-harness and Tower high torque, high speed, ballraced digital servo's. Every parts has been custom designed and painted by myself!

With thanks to the following:
WeDoPowderCoating (Leicester), for the chassis, links and plates!
Jo at Fusion Hobbies (Wheels and other upgrades).
Modelsportuk for the body.
Parma and Faceworx for decals.
FMF (Full Metal Fabrications), Leicester for various custom made steel parts.
All Screwed Up, Leicester for all my nut, bolt, screw and washer needs!
Poundland for primer and other acrylic paints!
Maplins for various elecrical supplies. (forum for info).
and obviously eBay lol!

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Looks awesome!!! So cool.



Very, very cool looking monster. I love it! Nice work.



Love this truck, make me want to get one of my own.

Fernado Alonso


Very cool monster monster truck
22,2 volt lipo?is it a big 1/8 brushless setup?
Better buy some punnisher shafts for that kind of violence or e-revo front/rear shafts!
The stock ones wont last very long,as I experienced.
Very nice truck.



Awesome, I love it! Nice mod on the motor(s), I'm sure that really adds to it's handling! And the looks of this thing... Amazing!



That is a fantastic looking machine.



That is very very very cool. A video of it would be even cooler, because it looks like a performance monster!



Tough-looking rig!! Love it!



Great work, it really looks like the real thing!
In my favourites!



Punisher shafts on the way Alex after much warning! Cheers buddy!

Mad Ax


This truck has become a huge inspiration to me and persuaded me to put my TXT back together. Looks absolutely awesome, top work!

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