Model: (Click to see more) 58024: Sand Rover
Status: Restored
Date: 16-Oct-2011
Comments: 4
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Wel the chassis lead to a lot of cutting, its OK using standard SRB front suspension but as soon as you add coil overs the serious clashing with chassis starts. I cut so much the chassis lost all its strength so the carbon SRB chassis was slung back under to give rigidity. Found some old uprights which had already had RR light mounts ground off so used those instead, no point in shortening perfectly good vintage examples. Not sure about motor choice as it pushes tool bar out so got to look into that. I've got the rear lights and driver but ran out of paint so not in pics, but need proper SR headlights (these are off the other SR) Steering wheel and gear stick, so may just wait for Re re parts to appear. This one came together about a year quicker than my first. Great ideas from J-man & toykid, thanks chaps :). Will upload better pics when I can crack 'proper' camera out.

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Awesome! Love the mix!! One i need in my collection soon!
Cheers MAD-BEE.

SRB Bloke


This idea is becoming quite popular. I think I might give it a go, when I get a spare moment (coz I've got loads of spare time according to the wife ). Nice work, looking forward to some action shots..



Cheers Chaps! Its so much easier than the original one I built and makes a lot more sense to put those broken old SR HB chassis to some good use . Toying with the idea of cutting a Re-re to make a SWB version now.

Crash Cramer


This is looking good, I can't wait for the 'better photos' when they come out.

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