Model: 58057: The Bigwig
Status: Project
Date: 24-Oct-2011
Comments: 9
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This Bigwig arrived today all the way from the USA. From the pictures the seller showed me I couldn't really tell much about its condition other than it was dirty and some parts missing. As it goes it really is in rather decent condition considering its age. I'm amazed it arrived in one piece as it was only packed in some newspaper and the car was taped to the bottom of the box, the aerial was poking through the top of the box lol... I see it needs one exhaust, the top chassis part and driver. The body isn't the best, but would be perfect for a runner. I'm not sure if I will keep and restore this now as I don't have the money to throw into it really. The biggest expense of course would be a new body set :(

-Looking quite tidy -Missing exhaust -Missing Driver -Shell cracked :( -ESC Plate needs replacing ( been hacked ) -Qyute tidy underneath -Tyres not worn that much -Horrid MSC

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