Model: (Click to see more) 58078: Fire Dragon
Status: New built
Date: 12-Nov-2011
Comments: 8
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I've had this guy built up for a while but just haven't had the time to change it from an NIB to New Built till now. This is actually the re-release that I am retro fitting / modifying it to be more like the original. Have installed manual speed controller but I have yet to cut out the shape to sit comfortably over the Resistor cover hence is while it's not sitting right yet. I hope to install one of my new full armed busts into the driver cockpit, maybe that's next weeks chore the weather outside is amazing so off to enjoy being outside! Bring on the Summer and Xmas! :)

As NIB Posting 21/03/2011: This car has been taunting me on a New Zealand trading site (from another fellow Tamiyaclub member, cheers Adam) for some time. It's the Re-release model. I've just started working again full time (this time on The Hobbit) so I again have some additional cash to buy a few more cars This car will mean I will have completed the series or at least I have all the bits and kits I need to make all of these chassis'd cars, well when I find the time to get around to it! I've just picked up my wife Kelly from Melbourne and we are both back in Wellington and looking for a new house with a garage! Glad to add this car to my collection.




that looks killer James, glad to hear you're back doing the movie stuff to, Looking forward that movie



Thanks Seth! Yeah enjoying working back in the film industry. Have seen more swords and shields than you can possibly imagine!



nice job looks great!!



Nice to see a well presented Fire Dragon. People seem to grumble about these but I think they're fab.



Those drivers look awesome James
Did you get my email re the TBG Celica shell?



I sold mine & i regret, a great runner



Nice job and will look great with your detailed driver figure. The original lexan driver cockpits were very poor with almost no detail, and seem to be unavailable now too.



Very nice!
Funky looking things!

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