Model: (Click to see more) 99959: Axial
Status: Runner
Date: 12-Nov-2011
Comments: 5
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Found a couple of pics of the before colour, and after a suggestion from someone on here, (sorry lost your comment) I added windows. If it was you give me a shout for a mention :) and added in my mk2 windscreen wipers

After the last pics I managed to knock off the searchlight, broken and rear side window and chip the paint a lot on the first crawl! Still it was great fun to find the limits of the truck, will have to weight the wheels I think. I also decided not to cut down the chassis after some dramatic rollbacks I think it saved the spare wheel!

I have no as it started out shots but there are a couple of Joustra Land Cruisers on T.C. for those who want to see one,

Hope you like it in its two states. All comments/tips welcome. Cheers

A cheerful delivery guy Not so good for blending in Broken window in a zombie attack! Dirty windscreen and open side window Cage in the back to keep out the undead Still moves a lot when so short. Boots, with homemade spade and shovel

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Never seen that shell before, just on your other post, it looks great. Looks better in that camo paint with roofrack and stuff! Love the 5th and 6th pic.



very cool unique scale crawler, I always love zombie trucks for some reason

SRB Bloke


Great pics, I quite like the blue. Nice details you've been adding.



Thanks guys, I spent sometime on the blue even wet and dried it down for some paint fade, but it only stayed that way for a couple of days before the zombies



Sweet looking purpose built truck. Durable and capable. Looks like it's fun to wheel.

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