Model: (Click to see more) 58421: Mitsubishi Racing Lancer
Status: NIB
Date: 26-Nov-2011
Comments: 2
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Couldn't resist this at the price, although the product description on rcmart and tamiyausa promised ball diffs the kit unfortunately only comes with gear diffs.

But the kit did yield an ESC and a TLU-01 light unit, CVA dampers (the primitive sort where the pistons can't be changed), 4 drive shafts, steering system that fit's the FF-01 (of which I have countless projects) and suspension arms.

I'm sure the rest will come in handy eventually.




Good buy for spares i guess.
That shell is just so incredibly ugly, that even a Striker or Zahhak looks beautiful alongside it, lol.
Dang, even a Robin Reliant looks good compared to this, hee hee....



very nice kit, kinda funny I 'm actually glad to hear it comes with gear diffs I always used to have to go looking for them for my Hummer and TA01 stadium trucks as the ball diffs were hard to lock

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