Model: (Click to see more) 99989: Schumacher
Status: Restored
Date: 28-Nov-2011
Comments: 5
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I missed rc cars through the 90's, i raced my Turbo Optima MID in the 80's then bought a new Associated B44 last year so i filled the gap with a couple of CAT's. I'm no expert on Schumacher but this one came with purple alloy upgrades a lovely painted shell, loads of yellow wheels, diffs, complete Fibrelyte carbon fibre chassis and springs. I also received new wheels and bodyset from Schumacher. I am on the search for the top alloy front gear case and new rear wishbones if anyone can help. I've also ordered some parts from Schumacher direct (just wish you could do this with Tamiya and Kyosho!!!), new bumper, 'o' rings front wishbones and some purple M3 nyloc nuts. This will go on the shelf when i get the body sprayed and i will strip and clean up my other CAT and use that for a runner. Merry Christmas and happy new year to everyone. Thanks in advance for any help on the missing bits!!
UPDATE, I've finally finished the CAT! During the very slow build I've acquired two CAT 3000's which I am working on. So far I've had all the metal parts re blackened. I'll post pictures soon. This has got to be one of the best looking buggies IMO.




Great example - going to have to get a kyosho to add to my collection after looking at this!



Looking great Ducatikid, great looking buggy. You've inspired me, I purchased a Cat 2000 a few weeks back, doesn't need anything, just a clean and perhaps a new shell



Love It !
Especially the FibreLyte stuff.
Raced a few of these when they were current, and did quite well with them.
I will also look in my parts boxes and see if I have what you need, but I'm not really local, so my advice would be if you get no luck on Tamiya Club to go ask nicely at Oople.



Sweet cat!!!



Looks great, congratulations!!

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