Model: (Click to see more) 58045: The Hornet
Status: New built
Date: 8-Dec-2011
Comments: 10
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Just received the new built original Hornet that I won recently. I've always fancied this iconic, nice and simple Tamiya classic and I'm happy that I have an original with original decals.

As I'll probably hardly ever use it I think I'll even keep the MSC in it. Excited to put the finishing touches to it.

SHOCKING packaging though... in fact there was no packaging! The seller wrapped the original box in brown paper that didn't even cover the entire box! Packing tape was stuck to the Hornet box!!!!... bad enough, BUT the entire bottom of the box had once been cut open and when I received this the contents were literally exposed!!! I cannot see that anything is missing which is a miracle as I could pull parts out of the box without unwrappng it!!! The packing inside the box was a bunch of plastic shopping bags.

I'm getting some real crappy experiences on ebay these days, getting sick of it. They need some better QC standards.
Anyway, at least the car is nice and tidy and unused original!




A legend and a real star !!
Fast and fun thats the Hornet!
I use mine on the beach all the time and its a blast! Pics in my showroom if you fancy a look?
Great buggy and enjoy this buddy!



Those are some great pics in your showroom MAD-BEE. I bought a sport tuned for this so it will be an uncontrollable rocket if I fit it!



A great car in always great to run easy to fix meccano was my go to chassis repair and they run for ever and a day and are a joy to have ( they seem to take you over) ;D welcome to the darkside

SRB Bloke


Great looking original, I can remember taken those MSC's apart to clean the connections etc.. Great memories.. Enjoy it .



WOW...Nice Buy...Sorry about the shipping problem though...I once got a Bruiser in the mail with a hole in the box I could put my fist into...



Cheers. It was a good buy for $100. re re kit cheapest is $105. I checked the ebay auction on my phone with 18 seconds left and threw in a quick bid and won! It was very surreal!



Great find...I just picked up a NIB original myself for similar reasons and love it. Sorry to hear about the packing problems. I always 'remind' sellers to pack any items I purchase very well just in case they're thinking of doing a less-than thorough job of it.



Wow, you got a good deal there. a nice car the hornet, proper Tamiya classic

Max Power


Great buy. It's a shame about the packaging (or lack of). We should start a S.I.G for bad packaging I know I've received some shockers!



Blimey, lucky she made it to you ok and now you can properly look after her! A new number 45, great stuff!

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