Model: (Click to see more) 99998: Kyosho
Status: Restored
Date: 11-Dec-2011
Comments: 12
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Hi everyone, i finally started the restoration of my Turbo Optima Mid. I would like to say a massive thank you to Myles (Tamiyoman) for the new chassis, belt cover set and the incredibly rare new bumper & Marwan (INTEGRA FAN) for the tires, bodyset and decals. If it wasn't for you guys it would still be in a cardboard box!! I have ordered a stainless steel screw set from RC Screwz and had a good friend re-chemically blacken all the turnbuckles and driveshafts and they have come up like new, he also re anodized the shocks which came out slightly duller but i'm happy with them. I decided on the white over the yellow after looking at a few on Tamiyaclub. I need two new rear springs as i cut them down when i was a kid and recently i visited Fibre-Lyte with all the chassis and suspension parts to have them made in carbon fibre which i will invest in. The wishbones are all original and not in bad condition but i have seen some new ones which i may also purchase. All in all i am really pleased how clean it came up. There are still a couple of things to do, like fit new pillow balls and maybe new ball grippers. I'd like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year. Thanks again to all of you involved in helping me rebuild this amazing car.

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Original racer from the eighties!!


Fernado Alonso


It turned out great
I like the white something different
I have given mine a spin last night at the vintage meeting,and it is a pleasure to drive among the hotshots and boomers
Happy holidays to you to and a very good new year!!



Great looking car this is one of my next restoration jobs.



Wow Loks absolutly fantastic in White. Great Job



You've done a very nice resto on this beauty, it really looks great. I'm a huge tamiya fan but i wouldn't mind having this beauty in my collection. I think the white color suits the car better then the yellow.



Excellent job, makes me want to track one down even more, not jealous much



Very nice resto job! Love how low it sits. Gotta order me some of Marwans tyres, soon. They look great!



Looking great this mate. I've recently bought a Mid myself. Have also bought body set and tyres off Marwan, will get it as nice as yours hopefully.
Good work



It's sad but i keep it on view in the spare bedroom, the rest of my cars are in the wardrobe!! I'll be putting the finishing touches to it over Christmas, then starting another car! Thanks for the great comments



The white really suits it ! Great restoration my friend. take care of it



ducatikid, your Mid has come out looking real nice. I like the white and blue colour scheme and the re-blued turnbuckles and driveshafts are a great way to finish it off.



Best wheels ever on a buggy...



Reference photos for my new resto, if you don't very much mind.....

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