Model: (Click to see more) 99988: Losi
Status: New built
Date: 6-Jan-2012
Comments: 6
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The start of this project came after buying a well used Jrx2 & a nice Jrx Pro from a seller in Holland, the 'lot' also included a number of motors, 2x Novak ESCs & a whole load of unused spairs for the two cars.... almost enough to build another car! The last couple of years i've been collecting the few parts that were missing to build an early(ish) spec Jrx2 - the hardest (& main) part to find was a decent short wheelbase chassis.... I even brought a whole Jrx2 with truck conversion, just because the chassis looked good... in the end I found another chassis plate which looks like it may have only been run once or twice! So with the parts all collected together I sat down over the Christmas break & completed the build. I had already sprayed up the MrLexan shell earlier in 2011 in Gil Losi Jr's colours - I just needed to cut it out & add the decals & sit it on the newly built chassis. I'm really pleased with the finished article... this was probably one of the first cars I really desired to own when I first started racing - but could never afford, until now :-)

The wheels are the 'Hot' red items... I also have some new/unused wheels in yellow, which I think may match the shell & tie-in better with the label on the new Revolution stock motor that is installed?

Big thanks to RC10Talk members who have helped contribute to this build by supplying various parts.

1 NOS Revolution Stock Motor Naked shot!




Final result is amazing, beautiful paint job!!! Wow!! Pure adrenaline!!



Awesome job - Awesome buggy!! This looks really great. Check out mine that I just finished.



Superb work, I want one!!



love the paint job on this its an absolute cracker im inspired to push on with my project one now, like you its one i always wanted but couldnt afford my paint job won't be as good as this though yours is just outstanding !!

Road Burner


Ooh, that came out perfect!



Stunning build Dan.

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