Model: (Click to see more) 58001: Porsche 934 Turbo RSR
Status: Project
Date: 7-Jan-2012
Comments: 21
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It's been a while since I have listed any new cars in my showroom. I have been busy restoring some of my old Motocross bikes that I raced when i was younger, much younger !!!

I was recently contacted by TC member Larbut ( Lars ). Lars asked me if he could use images of my restored Original Black Porsche 934 from 1977. I was more than happy to let him have the images for the article he has written on his web site

Please do go to the site and read this in depth article which explains all about this very rare model and how it came about.

Over 2 years ago I was lucky enough to trade and get my second Original Black Porsche 934 from TC member and Mega Porsche Guru Mark Hayes. The car came with the bag and box, which the first car I had sadly didn't. I then what luck, I found an Original Black 934 Porsche RSR manual in Japan and this really did complete this model.
The shell is in a shocking state as you will see in another part of my showroom.

Because of Lars interest in my model and after reading the article I have decided to restore this old rare car and try to make it beautiful again.

Today I have started breaking down the body and it really is in a bad way. I have found 7 cracks over the body. Most of the body mounting holes are not there and the front spolier is in several parts and has more epoxy resin on it than plastic.

I have taken some shots of the body which is now in parts.

All of the glass and lights are too far gone, but I have some New Porsche 934 RSR glass and lights ( Not the clear plastic form the static kit ) the glass is tinted so you can identify it's from an RC kit.

The chassis is in a much better state and will be easy to restore.

The body however will not be so easy.
Wish me luck.




Its good to be back !!

-Front Spoiler HELP !!!!!!!! -Chassis should be pretty easy to restore -Many cracks to deal with on the shell OUCH !!! -All the main bits together, Let the Resto begin. -This is what has kept me away from TC for a while

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I'm sure you'll do it proud, looks like a proper resto project, look forward to seeing it done



Nice pair of Hondas mate.The CRs were pure fun..!! Good luck with the Porsche.



great project! I always loved this car and wish Tamiya would make some true RC 'model kits' like this again. The bikes look awesome and makes me wish for my old Hondas.



Good grief. I thought I had a challenge on my hands, but this is in a different league. Best of luck, and I love those bikes!

SRB Bloke


Great to have a legend back in the fold !! That is a big resto project. Looking forward to seeing it progress



I was going to type What an awesome body but than I saw those motors and I'm speechless now. They are splendid



That looks like quite a project! I suspect the end result will justify the journey though. It certainly has lots of potential! C..



RAD, First I must say, As you know how much of a fan i am of the mid 80's hondas. WOW!!!! The bikes look breathtakingly beautiful. You have done an outstanding job on them. You should be very proud. I'm sure they will be displayed from now on. Well, most of the time. Feel free to email me some more shots of those beautiful pieces of art. Wow! Now for blackie. You definitely got your work cut out for you on the body. But I know your skills. I'm sure that when your done with it, it will be a stunner as is all your work. Well done my friend, You a make a me so proud.



Wow!!! Honda CR500!!! Wow!!!

Crash Cramer


The bikes sure are pretty. I think all your Porsche needs is a rather thick layer of dust and a barn to complete the state it is in. WOW, what a task ahead of you, but I am certain you will come out with a well polished gem when done. I just happened upon a white front bumper/skid guard for the Porsche in an old hobby shop raid.

mr alan


Looks like one ...... of a project! Wow! Can you pull this one? Awesome! Great bikes as well! Good luck mate!



thats a great way of showing it

Leethal Driver


This is gonna be good! Lots of updates pls!



Aye Up Rad - glad to see you still have the bug for Tamiyas good luck with the restore looks like it's needed but if anyone can return this it's your good self -- all the best, Si



Beautiful restoration on the bikes old bean!!
You can only ride one at a time though , you've got my number fella
The black legend will be well worth the effort..and i wish you the best of luck
If anyone can do it you can, you just need to change the batteries in your magic wand !



wow, that's going to be a mission, in good hands though.

rad22rad Alloys


Many Thanks for all your comments and support. I will update how progress goes with this and with some luck i will get this model into a condition that it deserves. Thanks again for all of your kind works.
P.S If anyone has a Black front spolier part please do let me know.



Rad, nice to see you are back in RC action! Absolutely stunning job on the bikes and I am very confident that the resto on this Porsche will be just as stunning, I do not think luck really has to play much of a part where so much shear talent is concerned!!.......I will be watching this with great antisipation.



Glad to see yout back! Knowing you, this will look stunning when finished! Good Luck.



Hi Rad - glad to see you've finally got round to this one - I will be watching with interest !! I'm sure if anyone can do it - you can - Cheers Mark



Amazing! You have a beautiful collection!
I am too a dirt biker, very cool Hondas!

I am also restoring an old 58002 which shares the motor mount as your 58001. If by chance you have a spare you are willing to sell, I would be in your debt. Mine is hacked up to fit a 540 motor

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