Model: (Click to see more) 84270: Avante Black Special
Status: NIB
Date: 10-Jan-2012
Comments: 8
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The Avante for me is the ultimate Tamiya model, the one I most wanted as a teenager. So when the Black Special was announced I knew I had to make room in my collection. I was supposed to sell some models, but I just shuffled some kits around and hey pesto, room for a box of two on top of my display cabinets.
Supplied by Stellamodels who are excellent, especially the attention they give to packaging.
I now have an original UK version NIB, two 2011 releases (one NIB and one built awaiting paint) and now two NIB Black Specials. I will probably build one to display, but for now I am just going to admire them.
Group photo of one af each type also below

Group Photo Second Group photo




Thats just magic bud!
What else can be said!

SRB Bloke


Wow! thats a great collection of Avante..
Youre a lucky man..



You`ve got a treasure on your hands!



Ah mine is not arrived yet ! cannot wait ! i have not bought the 2011 one because i already have 3 of the first release but the black special is a must have for sure



Whoa!!!😳, 351 hits in less than twenty four hours, that beats my f350 when it was featured on the home page (that was quite a while ago).



Wow 2, i also want one but is sold out now. 2 Regular Avante, 4 in total! RESPECT!



All i can say is I'M jealous .



Flaunt them if you got them !!Those twin Avante Black Specials got me wanting one in my car collection!,I can't wait to get myself one of those !!i guess its like potatoe chips ,you can't have just one!! A very nice set indeed..

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