Model: (Click to see more) 99958: GMade
Status: Runner
Date: 18-Jan-2012
Comments: 10
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I picked this up in a trade on UKRCRC, what we have is an R1, fitted with SCX10 axles.

It's running quite squat, fitted with an Mtroniks Auto20 ESC and a Reedy motor, of what type I don't know as I cant see it properly. The wheels are weighted and at full speed it's a very brisk walking pace.

I took it out for a spin at Asgarth Falls on the Yorkshire Dales, and even though it was icy, it jumped, scrabbled and climbed everywhere.

I am definitely hooked now.

Future plans, fit half of a Star Wars Clone Trooper as a driver, swap out the ESC for a Lipo ready one, swap the receiver for a 2.4g, and move the battery to the front of the cage. Oh, and improve my crawling skills.

On the rocks Brrr, frosty

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