Model: (Click to see more) 58001: Porsche 934 Turbo RSR
Status: Restored
Date: 18-Jan-2012
Comments: 9
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This is the second update on my second Original Limited Edition 1977 Black Porsche 934 RSR restoration.

The Chassis was stripped down and all parts cleaned. The main chassis had some bad damage at the front end and looks to have driven into something hard at some point in its life. Thre is a very prominent crease behind the front axle and the whole chassis plate had to be straightened and made true.

I have decided to just clean and straighten all the parts and rebuild without damaging the original black finish on the chassis. I wanted this chassis to show that it had been used and enjoyed and not over restored.

All of the rusty screws were replaced with vintage new 934 screws. The chassis plates and parts did clean up nicely and every effort was made to save the decal on the bottom of the chassis as this looks like it was fitted when it was new. Special care was taken when cleaning the black finish on all the parts, making sure none of the original black plating was damaged or removed. All of the shafts and motor were also cleaned and are all original parts.

The Differential gears were cleaned and re-fitted. I could have replaced with a new set, but these were fitted on the original kit and i wanted to keep as much of this car together as possible.

I then installed NIB Acoms AP-227 MK1 from the same era as this kit to keep it all as historically correct as possible. All of the electrics have been tested and work well. I also added a correct disc type speed controller and NIB Tamiya 6V battery. The wheels were bought from TC member Dunkman some time ago as were the tyres.

I have decided to paint the Goodyear letters gold on the tyres to match the decals on the body.

The front bumper was replaced using an original Porsche 935 part as this was what the Black 934 came fitted with and this completes the restoration of this rare chassis.
I am now working on the body and this is proving to be very difficult.
Hope you all like how the chassis has turned out.



-Chassis in lightly restored condition. -Chassis underside. -Waiting for body to be restored. -All electrics tested and working.

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Looks great, much prefer that look to the polished up style



Hi Rad. This is looking great. I like the period radio gear, and the fact that you make this 'ready to run'. Great work!



I am in the process of making a Black 934 RSR (using all original 934 parts, and static 1/12 tamiya body). Your photos have helped me with some of the layout. Your display cabinet is something I hope to see in my house in the next 5 years. You certainly have the good ones, all looking in great shape in that cabinet !!!



A lovely piece of history Rad , and a very nice job done too



Its really awesome to see these super rare, old beauties, come to life after so long. I know the body is in bad shape rad, But I'm not worried one bit! I know it will look fantastic when you finish her. Great to see you back in action on the vintage.

SRB Bloke


What can I say, but, superb !!! I wouldn't even know where to start if I had to remove a crease from an alloy chassis. Great resto, just seeing that 6v pack brings the memories back..
Just the body to do now Enjoy.. we will



great job on the chassis, looks perfect now and I love those black wheels with offwhite lettering



This was the easy part . Just teasing you ... Nice job! Like it that you did not repaint the chassis. It would be a shame to loose the original decal on the bottom.

Crash Cramer


That is soo very nice Rad, I think I have one or two of those fuses in a USA distributer parts bag. On the front bumper, I would not expect to see any other color but black on this model, but did the original kit number 1 come with a plastic bumper or just a bent wire?? I recently found a NIP white bumper that looks very much like yours and I am trying to find out what car it might go to.

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