Model: 99971: boats & watercraft
Status: Runner
Date: 24-Jan-2012
Comments: 7
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I thought I would add a few pictures of MY boats...

...if only to keep up with the Jones's - and the Barnes's...! :D

So - here is a picture of my two 4-foot long Aerokits models...

In the late seventies - both these kits ( 4mm ply frame construction - 1.5mm ply hull skins ) were around 27.

That is equivalent to a price of around 230 now - in real terms - with regard a weekly wage..!

Both models are runners - in that they could be sailed tomorrow, but they are both going to be completely refinished and refitted.


I removed an 850 motor from the large Sea Queen cabin cruiser...

...and I have plans to fit a nice Taycol 'Super-something' into her, instead... ;)

I will then fit one of my 'period' radio sets - solid Futaba quality and reliability - despite the 37 year age...


The Crash Tender is 850-powered at the moment - and is to be repainted and refitted.

I MAY try an 11-pole 900 motor instead !

These are pages about the TWO real boats that these are modelled on...

I will fit 8-channel Futaba F-14 radio ( expanded to 120 functions ! ), add some working features - and I shall sort out the various mistakes and anomalies that have been built into her...!

I shall also make internal rearrangements - so that TWO batteries can be fitted at once - for longer sailing times...

These models are BIG... ...the tail ends ( aeroplane terminology ) and the noses - they are two pictures long ! ...a neat rear deck - but look carefully...! ! ! 850 motor installation with oiler-adapted shaft... ...and servo-operated working fire hoses ! ...the radio I have removed from the model This is the transmitter I shall use...




Nice TV cabinet ! The MFA motor looks wrong in that tender. Shame you don't know anyone with a period motor you could stick in there



Nice boats both, my dad is seriously in to his Model Boats, especially large scale fast patrol boats. The Crash Tender will go with a 11-pole 900, I bet it planes !



sarge' - you're a clown

Steve - it planes, but needs neither the 850 nor a 900... it could do it with a nice period 'daddy Taycol' motor...

SRB Bloke


Slowly the boat boys are taking over
Very nice work mate.. you guys need a big meet up... to see who's is the biggest



...I do hope YOU are talking boats !

There are the murmurings of a tamiyaclub boat meeting - in the summer, I imagine...



If you don't have a telly...

...'cause your eyes are always too busy looking at what you are drawing or building...

...then what is the obvious thing to do with a big TV cabinet...?

Use it as a stand - for two big model boats !



I now have a brand new - un-run...

...Taycol Double Special motor - in it's box. power the Crash Tender

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