Model: (Click to see more) 58429: Jeep Wrangler
Status: Runner
Date: 26-Jan-2012
Comments: 2
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Here are some early shots of my CR01 Jeep Wrangler. I have yet to fit the light bar that attaches to the roof rack which will add 5 LEDs to the set up. I also have a few details to add as you can see. I took it for a spin in the back yard so figured I'd take some shots anyway.
This kit was such an enjoyable build with 1008 parts in total!
It's like nothing I ever built or ran, and it's a beast! I have some snow chains of the way for when it snows and freezes next. I fitted a 55T motor, which is a bit too slow... I think I'll get the Tamiya 35T crawler motor for a perfect combo of torque and speed. Looking forward to messing with this set up to achieve maximum articulation.
I plan on weathering the shell as I don’t really like how the metallic red turned out. I plan on getting some all black steel wheels too. Picked up some Tamiya rubber bags to waterproof the ESC and receiver.




Excellent Jeep. Looks awesome. Wish I had one of those



Very nice Jeep

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