Model: (Click to see more) 58429: Jeep Wrangler
Status: Runner
Date: 30-Jan-2012
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I wanted to share a couple of photos of the superbly constructed snow chains I have fitted to my CR-01 Jeep. While anyone with a bit of time could make these, I bought them from ebay member Steinman2003 for a great price, custom made for my tires. They were slightly large when they arrived so I removed a link here and there.
I’ve been trying to upload a move of the Jeep in the snow, but having some upload issues.
The CR-01 is very capable in a few inches of snow, but the chains gave it even more confidence… I’ve wanted some ever since I saw the Tamiya Guide book showing a Toyota Hilux fitted with snow chains way back in the day...

still havent fitted the light bar and LEDs! the snow was deeper elsewhere... honest!


SRB Bloke


Wooo !! very cool. I remember that page of the guide book..



wow cool chains, I remember seeing them as a kid in the magazines but never got around to making or buying them which seems weird since I live in snow area too



I thought these were a great buy at $33 shipped. Would take me ages to build and time is a valuable commodity when you have a 3 year old kid!!



I have that guide book and its wicked!!!
The page 18 is a blast from the past! its the group shot at the bottom of that page! thats pure heaven to me!

That shot of the Toyota 4x4 being pulled by 14 R/C Toyota hilux's is one that as a kid i was really blown away with!!!

And alway liked the chain idea!
This looks the business bud!



The chains really suit the CR-01

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