Model: 99998: Kyosho
Status: Project
Date: 19-Feb-2012
Comments: 4
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this is my forth and final ???? raider mostly made up from left overs with just one or too new parts most notably a thorp ball dif ,the wheels are cosmo fronts with duratrax tyres, rocky rears and the shocks are from my laser after its upgrade once i fit a speed controller it should be good to go thanks for looking !

the family




I love the raider great little buggy

Road Burner


It's nice and clean for a leftover parts car!



You know how i feel about the Raider mate so i will not bang on about that!!
This looks great and nice to have one in original box art in your set of 4!!
and thats a fine looking family buddy!

Long live the RAIDERS!!!!!!!



cheers guys proper happy with my raiders but i cant stop buying the damn things .....

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