Model: (Click to see more) 58231: Wild Dagger
Status: Project
Date: 28-Jun-2003
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OK. The RC bug has bitten, and I cannot resist it - I am going to transform this stock dagger into a full-blown Monster Truck! Hopefully it will be awesome; I am doing the following mods:
Full Ball Bearings,
LRP F1 Pro Reverse Digital ESC,
''RC Guy'' Stretched Aluminium Dagger Chassis,
Aluminium 4" Shock Towers,
Imex 4" Alloy Oil Shocks,
Twin Kyosho Magnetic Mayhem Motors (550 Size!),
Clodbuster Tyres and Rims,
High Torque Futaba Servo.

And maybe (if finances permit):

Alloy Servo Mount,
Aluminium Steering Knuckles,
New Body.

Will probably take 6 months to do (I am only a student you see, so I have limited money!) but it should be amazing when it's finished!
Pics coming soon...

Update: I have now added an 8.4V 7-cell Sanyo battery. This makes the car faster (obviously) but also, the acceleration and torque is amazing!

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