Model: (Click to see more) 58063: Lunchbox
Status: Project
Date: 29-Jun-2003
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When I met Jay and Mark in Highschool, we bashed around with this car for the longest time, I remember the thing was fast in a straight line and always rolled on a turn. I had a grasshopper I and Mark had a II. We used these cars for many years, until we got our drivers lic. It has many hours and is the last car to survive the three of us racing everyday. I traded my Grasshopper I for a Optima (still have after many trades, check out showroom) Mark trashed the Grasshopper II (wish I didn't throw out the parts he gave me back in the day.. hummm still remember that day, "will I ever need this stuff?" YES! ... Oh well too young... Anyways, this lunchbox was a christmas gift from his father, due to him living at a friends house, I have been entrusted to take care of this thing. Plus being the only one that can fix it. I will redo the body (slight cuts in the corners and paint the orginal yellow) and this will become a future gift back to him in the near future. If anyone has a front wheel, it would be much appreciated. I have the orginal decals and just need a new C parts and E.

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