Model: (Click to see more) 58063: Lunchbox
Status: Recent find
Date: 29-Jun-2003
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Seems that the car is already on Tamiya Club...
Once I get my hands on it, it should look much different. Planning on getting WW2 Chrome wheels, Painting the body Purple flip paint (Green, Purple, Blue, gold), I am still thinking of what kind of theme to use, I may do an import model theme. You know a kind of Fast and the Furious! :) Looking for new chrome and glass.

Well I really like the Orange, so I am currently repairing the 'A' Pillar to look more factory. As for the fact that the corner was missing, I used most of Wilsons repair and just built on top of it. With a fair amount of sanding and Priming it should be ready for paint soon. I would liek to paint it today, but the rain is preventing that.

Repairs to the Other view of the


Crash Cramer


That is looking good. I know who to send my plastic bodies to now when I need a resto.

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