Model: 58205: Mad Bull
Status: How To Guide
Date: 15-Mar-2012
Comments: 3
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The kids kept losing the little clip that holds the battery in. Got sick of buying a full set of A Parts just to replace the clip.

Just shape a peice of 10mm ally bar (from B&Q) as shown in pics - easy. Held on by existing step screw and a body clip, can't get lost.

I guess you could also use a bit of thick plastic card or an old credit card!

Very simple to make. Made from 10mm wide B&Q thin bar about 35mm long Nice and secure Swings to remove battery but still attached!

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Bully boys




Nice little mod.



Excellent idea!



10/10 for effort on this one. Yet again, Tamiya have been outsmarted by one of thier customers

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