Model: (Click to see more) 99998: Kyosho
Status: New built
Date: 8-Apr-2012
Comments: 17
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Here is my latest attempt to what I think is the most difficult box art paint job ever.
The chassis is almost new built from parts from my Kyosho stock. It even has the correct low damper mounts.
The shell is a repro from Marwan. It's the first time I use one of his shell as my other Kyoshos sport either original ones or Kamtec repros. Well, I think the quality is very good, but I was a little disapointed regarding the size; it's a few mm too short. I cut it with a cut original one as a reference and when I fitted it to the chassis, I had to cut it again because it wouldn't fit the chassis. That's why you'll notice those large cuts on the front of the shell for example.But still, it is very good quality and I'm being really picky here
Stickers are original ones for the most part. Some of you will notice the correct '5'; I had these stashed away for a few years and they came from my friend Franz 'Hagar'. The side ones are a little too small but this should be corrected very soon thanks to Stickerbod.
Then the paint job: this is definitely the toughest masking job ever. This time I used Tamiya standard 'blue' instead of the 'brilliant blue' of my previous builds. It is much darker, but still far from Kyosho 'Calsonic blue'...I also used a different painting method this time, starting by the yellow, then blue, white and finally filling everything with black. Yes, everything, apart from the thin white stripe on the rear part of the shell, is painted from the inside of the shell. You see what I mean by thoughest masking job ever? It's still not perfect but at least I don't have tape lifting and catching dust...
Finally, I would have love to show you pictures of the chassis with the box art correct red Kyosho Astro servos and receiver. I won an ebay auction for these for $8 a few weeks ago! Unfortunately, they got lost in the mail, and they are almost impossible to find. I was so sad, so if you have some you don't need, even in bad condition, even not working, please please please send them to me and you'll make a very happy man.

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You have done a cracking job buddy!!

This is stunning!!
I love my Ultima and am in awe of its design!
The Optima is on the same page its a amazing buggy and when looking like this its hard to top!!



excellent job, i love it. it has always been the painting of the body that has prevented me from buying an optima. yours is fantastic



Thanks a lot! @mccoy: the box art Optima is tough but don't let it discourage you because it can look fantastic too with a simple paint job: [Click here]



What a perfect job, this a real another Sayroll touch, i am really a fan of your cars



great paint job!! I wish i have this kit too!



That thing just looks 200mph sitting still! Great paint scheme, and it looks mean!



I love painting lexan but I admit Optima One is pretty intimidating. You have done a superb job Sayroll. I also understand your annoyances you mention becoz' the little things do count.



My god, that must have taken a lifetime to paint! Never mind the patience, you must have the hands and fingers the size of a 5 year old to get in and get all those lines parallel! I am absolutely in awe of your work. That is the most amazing box art Optima I have ever seen. I have a Marwan body and an Optima in bits that hopefully sometime in the future will look even a fraction as good as yours. Thank you so much for sharing, straight to my favourites! C..

Road Burner


It's perfect!



Thanks Gentlemen! I haven't counted the hour I spent masking but it certainly took some time.



looks great wish i had one love the old buggys they all had there own idears and style now they nearly all look the same . come kyosho jump on the re-re waggon

Fernado Alonso


Wow this one is excelent just excelent
I really love the darkblue very very nice Optima.

SRB Bloke


I love the paint scheme on these... yours colours look great... That is a real beauty.. be very proud



I forgot how striking these Optimas are in perfect box-art (or near) colors. Yours looks ace! It reminds you of how good Kyosho was at capturing an aesthetically pleasing -- technological look in their buggies and box art. Not to mention the advanced yet simple and Optimas lightweight design during the 80's era.



Awesome! I remade all the stickers myself for mine, including the ones it doesn't come with. My painting ability is a little below par though. I did some sleuthing and the sticker on the upper back on the box art is Rays Engineering.



bien joué Cyril! supppaaboooo



Absolutely STUNNING job you have doen and yes, the OPTIMA box art is a very hard scheme to do well. Your's is amazing!!!!!

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