Model: (Click to see more) 92177: Rover Mini Cooper Racing
Status: New built
Date: 9-Apr-2012
Comments: 3
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Have been having a bit of a stock-take over the Easter break and it seems that I have a few cars that aren't yet in my showroom. This Mini actually belongs to my wife. She bought it a few years back from JR-RC on ebay. As far as I'm aware they were only available to the Japanese market and are quite surprisingly a rare kit. There's nothing really that flash about it. It's a bog stock MO3 kit that comes with a pre-painted body shell and has the optional roof decal included. Cool looking car but it's a pity the windows aren't transparent :(

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Spot a Mini!




Sweet as a nut!!



It's been a little while Type49rs! It's good to see you posting another superb example of the wife's shopping. That's a grand looking green icon!



Thanks Mal. Have some other additions to the showroom too including the latest modelroom pics.

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