Model: (Click to see more) 58106: Stadium Blitzer
Status: Runner
Date: 3-May-2012
Comments: 2
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Started life as a bear hawk stripped the whole thing down and changed the gearing over for the blitzer set regreased everything.Couldnt find the original wheels anywhere so fitted a set of hpi firestorm wheels and tyres,the rears fitted ace but had to fish round to find the right bearings for the front wheels as the axles where different but got there in the end.Found nib body parts set on evilbay which cost me an arm and a leg as these are as rare as hens teeth.Chose to go the box art colours on this as it looks awsome and reminds me of my childhood as this was the first tamiya a got....Im happy with end result....all comments welcome guys....




Great truck, love those wheels, love to see some action pics please!!



just got 9t brushless for this def4x4 so hopfully put some action shots on when fitted over the weekend........

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